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Registration in the AIFC

Business and project management consulting for companies and startups that drive innovation
Our services
Company registration
OD makes it as easy as possible to launch a new business at the AIFC...
An individual identification number is required when appointing a director, as well as for obtaining the right...
Outsourcing professional services
The following professional services can be outsourced to our company...
    Post-registration services
    OD makes it as easy as possible to launch a new business at the AIFC...
    Outsourcing of daily tasks
    Our solutions
    Tax optimization and scaling for IT companies
    At the initial stage of development, IT companies capitalize all their earnings...
    Protection of property from illegal encroachments
    In Kazakhstan, a profitable business is afraid to become large...
    Tax optimization for properties with low book value
    We will help you to optimize the IIT or CIT...
    Remote Company Management
    We will help you to optimize the IIT or CIT...
    How we work?
    Leave a request
    Send contacts and information about the project
    Manager's feedback
    The manager will contact to clarify the data and offer options for cooperation
    Contract direction
    Top managers will contact according to the terms of the agreement and send for approval and signing
    Execution of sservices
    You will see the results of the services in stages according to the contract
    Our team
    Azat Otepbay

    Founder & Director
    Azat is the founder of our company and created it based on his experience inbuilding registration support in the AIFC and business processes in various businesses. He also has an extensive network of experts in structuring Deals. A lover and fan of kaizen and agile in business.

    Anna Vdovchenko

    Co-founder & CEO
    Anna is an accounting and tax professional with over 14 years of experience. For the last 4 years, she has been managing her own consulting company. Anna is a teacher and author of articles on specialized resources, and has IFRS certification (international financial reporting standards).
    Why us?
    Azat was the head of registration support of the AIFC. Besides, each of the executives has more than 10 years of experience in the consulting industry and interaction with SMEs.
    Individual approach
    Each case is different and we select a unique solution for each individual project.
    The team consists of professionals with experience in the Big Four, banks, large multinational companies and the AIFC.
    Non-standard solutions
    The team has accompanied companies from different industries and has experience in conducting foreign economic activity, building a business model and processes.
    The team consists only of experts who solve problems in narrow areas.
    International experience
    We consult and guide representatives of foreign markets, such as England, Singapore, Dubai.
    The certificate of incorporation confirms that OD is registered in accordance with the AIFC acts and is a member of the AIFC. On the AIFC site, ancillary services (legal, audit, accounting, consulting, credit rating) are licensed and only competent companies with a license can provide ancillary services after passing authorization.
    OD has successfully fulfilled a number of requirements when submitting an application and meets the standard criteria of the AIFC Regulator - AFSA. The company has the following licenses:

    - Provision of accounting services;
    - Performance of consulting services.

    This license allows registering, re-registering, nominally managing companies in the AIFC on behalf of the beneficiaries, as well as structuring transactions on sites.
    Our certificates
    Our partners
    Working with us you can help others.

    5% of the amount will be donated to charity.

    If necessary, we will provide the recipient's contacts and all supporting documents on the transfer of funds.
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