Consulting services for AIFC participants

The following professional services can be outsourced to our company:

  • Accounting Services;
  • Consulting services in the structuring of transactions.
Accounting services

Doing business with licenses and tax preferences requires accounting professionals who keep their finger on the pulse of new changes:
  • Submission of the declaration;
  • Issuance of invoice within an hour upon request on Whatsapp;
  • Maintenance of 1C, taxpayer's office, online certificate of completed work, etc.
Consulting services on IT business structuring

A mutually beneficial cooperation has been built between the AIFC and the Astana Hub International IT Park, which provides an advantage for IT entrepreneurs:

  • AIFC companies can have several classes of shares, which allows investors to receive a proportional share of the profit, but leaves control over operating activities to the founders, which is important for IT startups;
  • The jurisdiction of the AIFC operates on the basis of the laws of England and Wales with its own independent Court and Regulator. Thus, the protection of investments and the rights of AIFC participants is ensured by independent judges of the AIFC Court and the International Arbitration Center;
  • Special conditions for tax exemptions are available to AIFC fintech companies using new financial technologies and solutions to compete with traditional financial institutions;
  • Each IT company that has received tax exemption must carefully maintain accounting records and submit tax and other statistical reports in a timely manner (including to the Astana Hub).
Our OD team has business roadmaps for IT companies that will save your time and resources
Deal structuring through SPC

Special Purpose Companies (SPC) serve to structure deals, transactions. OD has a Corporate Service Provider license that allows you to register, own and maintain an SPC. The purpose of the SPC is to carry out narrow, specific or temporary activities in order to optimize taxes or share risks:
  • Acquisition, possession and disposal of any asset;
  • Transfer of assets at book value with the subsequent sale of the share in SPC. The increase in the value of a stake in the AIFC is tax-free (0%);
  • Allows investors to finance specific projects without investing in the parent company. For example, this would be useful if you want to share in a separate object of a development company and separate the risks from the developer itself.
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