Tax optimization for IT companies

At the initial stage of development, IT companies capitalize all their earnings and invest back for further business development. This approach can cause cash gaps in startups during the end-of-period tax obligations. After all, Companies earn and invest in assets throughout the year, and payments on tax accruals occur at the end of the period. In addition, when purchasing goods and equipment, Companies forget to reserve money for customs taxes and other certification and declaration costs. As a result, the following question arises: how to postpone all this burden to a later stage when the IT business generates enough money?
The solution to this is a residency in the International IT Park Astana hub. The state provides Astana hub residents with the opportunity to develop information and communication technology, i.e. IT companies, freeing them not only from CIT and VAT, but also from IIT, social tax for non-residents and customs duties when importing equipment.
The International IT Park Astana hub gives the status of a participant for 5 years to IT companies, regardless of the country and jurisdiction of registration of the legal entity. IT companies receive not only tax preferences, but also assistance through the acceleration program, free coworking and the Astana hub network among angel and venture investors.
Astana hub has the best synergy with the jurisdiction of the AIFC, whose acts allow:
1. Divide ownership and operational decision-making in the company through different classes of shares;

2. Provide convertible loans and notes to companies;

3. Sell/transfer without the need for coordination with other holders;

4. Form a company with zero authorized capital.
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