Remote Company Management (AIFC)

We will help you to optimize the IIT or CIT

Remote submission of reports and work with government agencies and banks.
The pandemic has forced everyone to rethink the need for office work. More and more often, business does not require not only an office presence, but also residence in the city or country of business. The boundaries in this regard are really erased. But there are still administrative tasks for filing, submitting reports and working with government agencies and banks.

Our team helps businesses to focus on core tasks and making money regardless of location. You can entrust us with your day-to-day or non-standard tasks, and do your main business from any place.
Online company management
Our Corporate service provider license allows you to entrust us with administrative work and represent your interests in government agencies.
Advantages of OD

Ease of establishment and low costs
  • 95% of registered organizations in the AIFC are Private Companies
  • Registration via the Self-service Portal
  • Registration fee – 300 US dollars
  • There is no requirement for the minimum size of the authorized capital. The initial capital can be even 1 US dollar
  • Presence of at least 1 shareholder and at least 1 Director
  • The presence of a registered office on the territory of the AIFC
Limited liability of shareholders
  • Shareholders cannot be held responsible for the debts and obligations of a Private Company in the AIFC.
  • The shareholder's liability does not exceed the level of the invested share capital
Asset protection
A private company is one of the most preferred organizational forms
Minimum regulatory load
Flexible corporate governance structure
Licensed consultants can provide services only within the framework of the contract; in case of violation, the Client can complain to the Regulator.
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