AIFC for IT - companies with synergy in Astana Hub

Tax optimization and scaling for IT companies and protection of rights by English judges in the International Financial Center.
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Digital technologies are one of the priority areas of the AIFC
The AIFC is an ideal launching pad for all global startups, technology firms, entrepreneurs and international partners. It offers innovators a range of opportunities to create, grow and expand their businesses to further develop the financial services and technology industries in the region. With a favorable ecosystem, the AIFC continues to launch new strategies and initiatives, whose key participants can develop, test and adapt products and solutions in regional markets.

The modern infrastructure of the AIFC, a favorable regulatory framework, a convenient communication environment and legal transparency are designed to attract technology companies and become one of the leading fintech innovations in Central Asia and Eurasia.
Synergy of the AIFC and Astana Hub
AIFC participants can additionally register in the international IT and startup hub - Astana Hub. The objectives of Astana Hub are to become the core and engine for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Kazakhstan, recognized by the international Hub for the development of technology business.

Starting a business at the AIFC

Advantages of Astana Hub

Additional tax preferences in Astana Hub

Exemption from VAT (Value Added Tax), CIT (Corporate Income Tax), IIT (Personal Income Tax), Social Tax (on the income of non-resident workers), royalty tax for IT companies*, tax on dividends and capital gains tax
Free office space
Class A workspaces, including meeting rooms, coworking areas, media room, Fab labs
Tech community
Regular online and offline events aimed at developing the technology community. In the period 2018-2020, more than 850 events of various agendas were held
Astana Hub Acceleration
This is a 3-month startup acceleration program designed to accelerate your company's growth:
  • training seminars
  • personal tracker manager who will oversee your work
  • highly qualified specialists
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