Act as a nominee when registering a company in AIFC

Individuals and legal entities, whether residents or non-residents, can create legal entities in the AIFC. However, the director must have an IIN, that is, a non-resident can be appointed as a director only after receiving it. The registration process takes place online and requires the transfer of photos and videos of the final beneficiaries during the passage of KYC
The registration process after submitting all the documents takes 5 working days, but in the absence of an IIN or any documents, it can be significantly delayed.
  • If the director cannot come, provide IIN or something else, then OD can act as the general director and prepare everything necessary, and then transfer all the authority. In such cases, we conclude an agreement for the services of a nominee director.
  • After registration, OD will help with obtaining an ECP for the first manager, as well as opening a bank account.
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