Investment protection through AIFC law

Creating a favorable business environment is a key area of development for the AIFC. The main condition for improving the business environment is the inviolability of the right to protect private property and investments.

The world's leading financial centers operate on the principles and norms of English law. The AIFC has also incorporated the best practices of the world's financial centers and, for the first time in the post-Soviet space, a special regime has been created based on the principles of common law. In addition, English is the main working language in the office and legal proceedings at the AIFC.

The main venue for dispute resolution for AIFC participants is the AIFC Court, where independent British judges are invited. At the head of the Court is the former Deputy Supreme Court of England, Lord Mance. Disputes are resolved through the e-justice electronic platform. The decisions of the AIFC Court are not reviewed by the Kazakhstani courts.

Unfortunately, we learn about the sad experience of many foreign investments in Kazakhstan when these foreign investors submit their disputes to the London arbitration and courts. Accordingly, consideration of an investment in the Republic of Kazakhstan should begin with plans for pessimistic cases and foresee in advance that there is an opportunity to defend one's rights in the independent Court of the AIFC and independent judges